Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I hire an event coordinator?
A: As you know, your time and energy are valuable. Our clients have busy schedules (who doesn’t?!), so, whether you choose us or another agency, we encourage you to hire an expert to leave you with the freedom do the things you love without added stress, lost time with family and friends, or depleted energy and productivity. We are here to help you stay on track and get organized, refer you to reputable vendors, keep track of your budget, supply a wealth of resources, and much more!

Q: Why should I choose Cloud Nine Event Design?
A: C9ED approaches event management from a communication perspective. Throughout the process of planning and coordinating your event, we focus on the message you want your guests and stakeholders to take away from the event, in addition to the details (we are good at those, too!). Plus, only we have combined our own expertise with information from the even industry’s top sources to arm you with an event workbook and planning process like no other. Not to mention, our staff is professional and hard-working, our ideas unique and original, and our procedures very organized!

Q: How do I know whether C9ED is a good fit for me?
A: We believe that it’s important to hire a coordinator who understands your vision and needs and can execute them flawlessly. We offer a complimentary personal consultation where you’ll get a better understanding of how our company can bring another dimension to your event planning process. We’ll go over the available packages that fit your requirements, show you our extended portfolio and answer any additional questions you may have. If, after that,

Q: When should I hire an event coordinator from C9ED?
A: As soon as possible, but you should have a clear vision and foundational ideas for your event.

Q: Where are your prices listed?
A: We do not list our prices on our public website. However, we do have take-home materials available that list our packages and pricing in detail. Set up your complimentary personal consultation and we’ll assess your needs and offer you a quote!

Q: I want to work with C9ED, but… can I afford you?
A: Absolutely! We are confident you will find C9ED will be able to stretch your budget whether it’s $2,500 or $25,000! With our experience and creativity, we can suggest ways to make your money go further than you even thought possible.

Q: How much involvement will your consultant(s) have in the planning and execution of my event?
A: As much or as little as you want! For your convenience, C9ED has developed a series of service packages based on what we have found most clients need. Each package offers a collection of services ranging from minimal and basic to full-service. Click here to view our list of packages.

Q: Can I mix and match the services listed in each of your packages to create a custom package that’s all my own?
A: Yes! One of our consultants will be happy to work with you to arrange a custom package.

Q: How do you select your vendors?
A: We hold each of our vendors to the highest degree of excellence. C9ED is connected with the finest vendors across many styles and budgets. Through both research and observation, we identify the top 25 vendors in the area and make arrangements with them to provide you special offers. Before endorsing new vendors, we assess their work, reputation, references, originality, and ability to deliver.

Q: Am I required to use your vendors if I hire C9ED?
A: Our vendor network is an available bonus to you should you choose to take advantage or it—but of course, you are always welcome to hire your own.

Q: The venue I have chosen offers/requires an on-site coordinator for the day of the event. Do I still need to hire a C9ED professional?
A: C9ED works exclusively for you, whereas a venue coordinator works for the venue. A venue coordinator’s priorities are managing the venue staff, whereas our job is managing the small details and the big picture. This means we’ll take care of you, your guests, vendors, and your special instructions.

Q: Is the initial consultation still complimentary if I am a returning customer?
A: We’re so glad you want to work with us again! As a thank-you, we’d be happy to offer you another needs assessment and one hour personal consultation free of charge.

Q: Great! How do I get started?
A: Get in touch and tell us you’d like to get “C9ED!”

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